Monday, November 21, 2005

Confessions of a wanna be technology junkie

I've had it all. Atleast as far as mobile phones go (rest of my life is a whole different ball game). Over the last five years I have bought just about every type of cellphone possible. You name it, I've got it, Small ones, big ones, wide ones, coloured ones, wiith camera, with WAP, with Bluetooth, with Infrared, with interactive games, with detachable shells of 7 different colours, with an inflatable doll named Amy. Umm. Well, most of those things listed anyways.

All this time that I've been trying to be on the forefront of technological change (or the backside of a technological change, your choice, it's all the same), this has been rather tough on me. My random decision making in phones have reached a stage where my brain just freezes with the choices that it is presented with. Heck I've got a phone simply coz it had an old telephone ring tone in it. After all of this I've got a cellphone that does something incredibly unique, it just helps me make and receive phone calls. No gimmicks at all, no Bluetooth, which I haven't realised what it was for (always thought the name sounded cool though!!), no infrared port, isn't that what is used in television remotes?? (Heck I if know) No cool games, no polyphonic sounds, no cameras, nothing.

The funny part is that I'm loving it. Here is a phone that promises me nothing. No cool photos, when in reality camera photographs are grainy and dark at best, (the only picture that I ever took in a year of owning a high end camera phone was that of my dog, one picture, thats it), nor are there any promises of internet connectivity when it takes you half a life time to load a page, no video options that promises me live pictures, when all you get is a 10 second clip that takes years to download. It's a simple phone where I can make and receive calls. It has taken me five years, 8-9 phones and more money than I'd care to count to realise what I wanted.

Now if I can only resist the temptation for a Blackberry phone to check my 2 emails a day....