Saturday, June 02, 2007

A few more excuses

I've had this writer's block for the longest time I can think of, in the last six months I don't think I've written more than a post or two, even then, within hours of posting them, I'd end up refreshing the screen in my internet browser to see if anyone read it and put up a comment. There is only one word that describes that behavior, Pathetic! Obviously after six months of blog inactivity people are going to hardly stick around and wait for the next one. I'm sure there are more interesting things to do like watching a golf tournament or a fishing show on tv.

I've written earlier as well that I write so that I'd be read and if no one is reading then the whole basis of writing is unfounded. While I was mentioning this to a fellow blogger and a dear friend, she said in her own point blank style to 'just write!' (I think she is very much the 90's child having grown up around ads that urged her to'Just Do it!'). So this is my attempt to do 'just that!'.

I think maintaining a good blog is like flying a plane, you need a good run up to take off. After a long period of being grounded, you really can't expect to jump in the air and start flying. That only happens when you're superman (or any man who wears his underwear over his trousers, hey if thats your form of attire, then you're flying in cuckooland all the time right?). Despite knowing this, everytime I've sat down to write a post I've been waiting for that one magic piece that would give this blog the jumpstart that it needs and that has resulted in about a half a dozen aborted posts. Maybe someday I'd find the time and the inclination to finish them.

There is a silver lining to everything, despite all these months of blog inactivity there is only one person that I know of who visits my blog religiously everyday to see if I've written anything, who else but my darling wife. I am amazed at the diligence and the postive spirit my gal has. I really owe her a lot let alone keeping the faith on my writing abilities. So now that I have a capitive audience right at home the need to write has been gnawing on the back of my head for awhile.

I'm a firm believer that different things appear differently when viewed from different angles. If you have the patience, you can view any incident very many ways. For instance, when my boss quit last year, I was a bit shattered since he was some kind of a safety net for me in this new organisation that I had joined. But after awhile I realised that his exit was a blessing in disguise, since I found that I had a larger freedom to cope with situations and this I think eventually resulted in a quick promotion. Something I think wouldn't have been possible had he been around, despite his best intentions. The point that I'm trying to make is that when one has his/her mind open to the surrounding environment, there are so many marvelous things that are happening around. When you are preoccupied or busy the world is as interesting as watching a fresh coat of paint drying on a cold winter's day. So after a point life becomes monotonous, not for the lack of external stimulus but our own preoccupation with our own lives. This also is a reason for my blog inactivity, I think I'm way too involved with work for my own good.

Most of my time while I'm travelling, I'd hang around watching people, looking at life unfold in front of me, nowadays though I end up being on the phone with someone at work, talking, arguing, yelling about some issue or the other. And I thought getting ahead my career meant a better way of living, sigh. I now realise that it just means more responsibilities and more pressure, much more pressure. There are times when I just want to chuck everything and walk away but I think the very fact that we are civilised works against us in such scenarios, try as we may we end up being trapped in our own little cages. Don't get me wrong, it is not that I hate my job or anything, infact I love it, I get a real kick every day because of the fact that the team I picked a year ago and lead is breaking all records and changing the way our company looked at business. I guess thats my little cage.

Being the eternal optimist that I am, I always sign off saying there is more to come. Don't hold your breath in anticipation though.