Thursday, May 22, 2008

I can't quite fathom how much life has changed, since the time I started blogging way back in 2005. I used to be this single guy who shunned any form of long term planning or committments of any kind, now I'm sitting here in Chennai taking care of a home, saving for the future and worrying incessantly about a wife and daughter who currently are 340 kms away in Bangalore. I'm counting the days till they come back home, worrying if the Chennai heat would be too much for them and if the house is comfortable enough etc etc.

Heck, even my dad has changed, we sometimes have full conversations without him telling me what to do with some aspect my life anymore!


Henceforth herewith and forthwith (and add in a fifthwith while yer at it), this blog is operational again. Welcome one, welcome all!

And those who still have me in your blog rolls and those blog-post-alert-thingys, or keep dropping in once in awhile, God bless ya!!

P.S. I hadda look up the word forthwith in the dictionary...sigh.