Friday, September 29, 2006

The girl with the pink sunglasses

Adjusting her slinky black cocktail dress and her large pink sunglasses she trudged along at a fair clip on the long jogger's lane early that morning. Not exactly the right attire, she knew. Maybe she should have changed before she took off yet she knew she looked stunning in that dress and she just had to wear it. She looked at the rising sun and felt nothing at all, as one would have expected of her. She found more beauty in that closed ice cream parlour by the side of the beach, her mind raced in a thousand directions, yet the look on her face was serenity that you'd see in a child. The occassional sniffling reminded you of a little baby too. She picked up the pace and trudged faster, she had decided on loosing 0.05 Kilos that morning and she was a girl on a mission.

As she walked she spied a little mouse running helter skelter and she knew she had to stop and admire the random patterns that it made, she frankly found poetry in the oddest of places. She sat down on a bench, to watch the mouse and found herself lost in time. After a while the ringing of her phone woke her up from her thoughts, she sighed. 'Hallooo' she said. It was just the 6:30 AM alarm that she'd kept on her phone. She looked at the phone as if it had played a trick on her, smiled her bashful smile and resumed the mouse watching. The mouse though had left as if upset by it's audience's lack of attention. It had reminded her curiously of her favourite movie, Pulp Fiction, with it's random patterns. It was a movie she fell in love with before she even saw, it was the concept of it all, you see? can't you?

She got up to go, remembering that she probably had about 0.035 kilos left to loose that day. She picked up the pace as the sun had come up and the harsh glare shrouded the world below. Giggling to herself as she remembered the night before, maybe the third chocolate lava lava at the Mocha Cafe had been a bit too much but then she consoled herself that all good things must come in threes. She sighed again and walked a little faster, her december deadline seemed coming on too fast. No more lava lavas till december she resolved, only to hear a little voice in her head that asked her if she was really very sure about this decision. She pretended she didn't hear this little voice and turned her head to a side.

One would be forgiven in thinking why she needed to push herself thus or have deadlines at all but her mind had ideas which are not to be understood by mere men. A perfect body was a cliche, she knew, yet if it was a cliche she sought then she wanted it to be the best cliche she could fit into.

After awhile of walking, she felt she had grown a little lighter and she smiled wide. The walk was doing her a world of good she felt, only to realise that she indeed was a little lighter but lighter by the weight of a cellphone, the same one which she had left in the park bench. With yet another sigh, a few Ooofs and more than few not-agains she started running back to her bench, the pink sunglasses, the cocktail dress, the tennis shoes and all.

Yet another day had just started in the life of the girl with the pink sunglasses.