Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lessons from Dante's Peak

Indian movies generally cop a lot of criticism for being a little over the top but I'm watching Dante's Peak and I realise that Hollywood movies really don't lag behind either. So here are some of the stuff I've learned from this movie today

a) Vulcanologists know how to hot wire a car. Pretty much anyone in a Hollywood movie when encountered with a keyless car, can quickly pull out some wires, connect two and have it started before you can say Oprah! Caution: Don't try this at home, you just might connect your radio to the windshield wiper.

b) You can drive a car through a flow of Magma, get stuck badly stuck for a long time, look constipated as you press the accelerator while you mutter "it's ok, it's ok", and your car will eventually start moving forward and cross the flow of magma and still have major bits of rubber clinging on to the rim of the car.

c) When you encounter a metal boat in a river of acid, the metal boat will absolutely last you till almost the last second of your journey through the river of acid and then sink, ie nothing happens to the boat when it was just floating around.

d) This one is my favourite. When you have a Pyroclastic Flow, ie fast moving (700 kmph) hot (1000C) gas and rock, racing your tyre-less hobbling car which does about 40 kmph to the entrance of a mine . The fricking car will win. That too after being followed for around 3-4 minutes on a long road.

What more the Flow will not follow the car into the mine, Lest the Hero gets singed.

e) Lastly, the mine once everyone's inside will collapse BUT will do so AROUND everyone.

Watching movies is so much fun, when you are a cynic!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Are these guys for real?

A CNN Anchor quite seriously to to an 'PR Expert', "How much remorse should Tiger Woods show in public so that he can regain his former reputation?"

A simple question which provides a profound insight into how mass media works nowadays.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

I wanna write so badly! Which I do whenever I write! (he he)